Our approach to quality, competent general dentistry is holistic. We provide a broad range of services to strengthen, maintain, and improve your smile.

Adult Cleanings and Fluoride Treatments
At this appointment, the dental hygienist will perform a blood pressure screening, oral cancer screening, and a periodontal disease (gum disease) screening. Recommendations will be made based on your individual needs. Healthy patients may only require twice a year professional cleanings. Patients with gingivitis or periodontal disease will require additional treatment.

Braces, clear available
Our offices practice both adult and child orthodontics. Clear braces brackets are available. Additionally, our offices offer Phase I orthodontic treatment, care aimed at younger children between age 7 and 9, to correct dental problems early in life. This early treatment is beneficial in that the child won’t have to have teeth extracted when they’re older. SmilesRForever doctors are licensed general dentists, not orthodontists.

Bridges are fixed, cemented restorations that look natural. Their purpose is to replace missing teeth.

Cerinate Lumineers
Discover the no preparation veneer taking America by storm! Achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of without drills or numbing. Some cases may require minor cosmetic recontouring.

Child Cleanings and Fluoride Treatments
As their twice-a-year cleaning is one of the first contacts children have with our offices and staff, we strive to make the occasion an enjoyable and memorable visit. After their hygienist-administered cleaning and fluoride treatment, each child is awarded a balloon, as well as a prize from our “treasure chest”.

Cosmetic Whitening
Our practice offers several easy professional products for whitening your teeth, many accompanied by custom-made whitening trays. We also offer one hour in-office whitening with our professional laser whitening system.

Crowns, including gold and all porcelain
Crowns are used to restore teeth that are badly broken down or that have huge fillings. Additionally, they can be made to look like your own natural tooth. Crowns are very strong, and with proper maintenance can last twenty years or longer.

Dentures, full and partial
Our offices provides a wide array of denture options. Using trusted labs across the country, we create high-quality custom dentures and partials. Additionally, patients have a choice of partials that have metal clasps or that show no metal at all.

Denture Reline and Repair, same day
In most denture reline and repair cases, our offices can perform the needed task within the same day. Unlike other dental practices, we do not send most of our dentures away for reline and repair. Most of our denture work is performed in our in-practice labs, allowing us to expedite the time it takes to reunite the patient with their dentures.

Extractions, wisdom teeth and surgical
Our offices practice all types of dental extractions, including surgical and wisdom teeth extractions. Additionally we extract impacted wisdom teeth.

Fillings, tooth colored
We provide bonded, composite, and tooth-colored fillings.

Gum Surgery
The first step in treating gum disease is a non-surgical method known as deep cleaning (see below for more information). However, in severe cases, our offices provide in-office gum surgery.

Dental implants are stronger and more durable than their restorative counterparts (bridges and dentures). Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. Additionally, implants may be used in conjunction with other restorative procedures for maximum effectiveness.

Consisting of a series of custom-made, nearly undetectable aligners, Invisalign is the newest way to produce orthodontic-like straightening without the use of traditional fixed braces and metal wires.

Mouth Guards and Snore Guards
For people who grind and clench teeth at night, our offices produce Mouth Guards. These plastic-like bite appliances protect teeth and crowns by absorbing the effects of clenching and grinding teeth. If your house hasn’t seen a peaceful night’s sleep in weeks, you might be interested in a Snore Guard. Like the mouth guard, it helps preserve teeth and crowns by absorbing clenching and snoring. Additionally, it helps reduce or eliminate snoring.

No Shot, Air Abrasion Fillings
One of the most sought-after methods of administering fillings, our practice leads in dental technology with the use of Air Abrasion systems in both of our offices.

Non-surgical Gum Treatment (a.k.a. Deep Cleaning)
Patients that have gum disease need a more thorough removal of plaque (soft deposits) and tartar (hard deposits) above and below the gum line.

Perio Protect
Perio Protect uses a medicated tray prescribed by SmilesRForever dentists and is fabricated by a lab to custom-fit each patient’s smile. The tray has a special patented seal that directs antimicrobial agents into the gingival sulcus and maintains the medications there long enough to kill periodontal disease-causing bacteria.

Root Canal Work
Root canals save teeth that have severe decay near the nerve of the tooth. Many of our patients report that having the procedure feels like having a filling.

TMJ Treatment
TMJ treatment helps patients with pain from popping or clicking jaws. The first step in TMJ treatment is wearing a night appliance. In general, this measure helps a good majority of TMJ sufferers. However, our offices are equipped to perform later stages of TMJ treatment if necessary.