Dr. John Blattner, DMD, FAGD, MAGD

Dr. John Blattner, DMD, FAGD, MAGD is committed to providing the most advanced dental care in the pleasant atmosphere at SmilesRForever. Dr. Blattner has been a general dentist for 38 years. He provides quality value based general dentistry for patients of all ages and loves getting to know the community one person at a time. Communication is key and Dr. Blattner is always ready to discuss your unique needs. He will listen to your opinions, ideas, and concerns while providing education on the latest in technology, techniques, and options for your care.


Dr. Blattner grew up in Venice and Granite City, Illinois. He attended Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois and later graduated from Southern Illinois University Dental School in Alton, Illinois in 1978. He attended an advanced general practice residency at John Cochran Veterans Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri in 1979 for one year. Following the residency, he started SmilesRForever which has offices in Cahokia, Illinois (since 1980), and Waterloo, Illinois (since 2000).

In 1985, Dr. Blattner received his Fellowship (FAGD) and then in 1998, he was awarded a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD). Both the FAGD and MAGD are prestigious awards which recognize his dedication to continuing education to keep up with the latest techniques and advances in patient care.

Continued Education

Dr. Blattner has accumulated over 5,000 hours on continued education after graduating from dental school. Licensed as a general dentist, he provides his patients with a broad-range of services, including placing and restoring implants, invsalign, braces, surgical extractions, bone grafting, root canals, cosmetic dentistry such as crowns and bridge work, periodontal care including PerioProtect, scaling and root planing, and routine cleanings and check-ups for adults and children.

Growing the Practice

In recent years, Dr. Blattner has expanded his practice to include services for snoring and sleep apnea care. Dr. Blattner also recently co-founded and became the President of the Midwest Dental Sleep Medicine Study group in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. He is an active member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), and is a provider for oral appliance care for mild to moderate sleep apnea and severe apnea patients who cannot tolerate CPAP care. He provides advanced co-therapy where CPAP and oral appliances work together for better patient acceptance and sleep.

Family and Free Time

Dr. Blattner is a family man outside of dentistry. He lives in Waterloo, Illinois with the love of his life, wife, Mary Kathryn. Mary Kathryn is a graduate of the American Nanny College in Claremont, California. They have adult twins, Angela and Michael; Sarah (who is the Clinical Manager in the dental office); and his youngest son, John Jr. Recently, they welcomed their first grandson, Hank. During their free time, they enjoy spending time with family, walking, swimming, golfing, playing tennis, and fishing. They also indulge John Jr. in his hobbies of robotics, RM piloting, and baseball.

Join our Family

After more than a third of a century caring for his patients, Dr. Blattner is still enthusiastic about helping to create healthy, beautiful smiles and helping patients get their best night sleep ever. He’d love to hear your questions, so don’t be shy. Send him a message here, or call 618-939-4042 today!

Meet Dr. Blattner’s Dental Assistants

Dr. John Blattner and his team have a passion for dentistry. They work together to make difference in the lives of their patients. Services, which include crowns, root canals, dental implants, CPAP alternatives, Invisalign, and more, are essential for patients of all ages, and the team takes it a step further with excellent patient care.

Dr. Blattner’s dental assistants are committed to giving you their personal and professional best. Get to know each of them below.

JessicaDental Assistant
Jessica is married to her best friend, Rich. They have 3 amazing children, Lexsis, Chace, Kade. They also have 5 dogs. She has worked in oral surgery for the last 13 years and is so excited to be a part of the SmilesRForever team. In her free time she likes to watch her children play sports and rescue dogs.