Smiles R Forever 2018 Straightening Special

Welcome to a beautiful, straight smile!

$1500 off regular orthodontic fee                                  Amazing Savings!

Value Care                                                                Advanced Technology

More Accurate Digital Scanning and Vivera retainers to ensure your smile stays straight and beautiful!

Faster teeth straightening with Propel and VPro5

Over 40 years combined experience with braces, orthopedic appliances (Phase I Orthodontics), and of course, Invisalign!

Our doctors have over 15 years of experience using Invisalign to create beautiful smiles. Smiles R Forever has been a preferred Invisalign provider from 2010 to 2018!

In 2016, we introduced faster orthodontic care using Propel and VPro5. Propel is a minimally invasive surgical technique that harnesses your body’s own healing response to move your teeth in a third of the time with no compromise in care! VPro5 is a flat vibrating device that you bite on for 10 minutes daily that seats your Invisalign trays, making Invisalign faster by 2 to 3 times. There is also an app that helps you track your progress!

To celebrate our 15th anniversary with Invisalign, all year, Smiles R Forever is offering to straighten your smile faster and cheaper with $1500 off of our regular price for Invisalign and Propel OR Vpro5 at no additional cost (a $600 value)!

Call for an appointment to start today! You’ll be smiling faster than you think and straighter than you can imagine!

P.S. As always, all patients receive complimentary whitening with the completion of Invisalign. We are currently offering the Vivera Insurance Retainer System at 50% off! Normally a $1200 value, get it for $600!

Our $39.00 Oral B Children’s hygiene bundle includes Children’s Oral B electric toothbrush, 2 full-size tubes of toothpaste, 1 full-size mouthwash, and 1 large bag of Glide floss picks. Don’t miss this exciting special!

Whiten your smile, brighten your community. Tray whitening system $159 and $75 is donated to a local charity.

Combination Whitening In-Office and Two Arches

  • Combination One Hour Whitening Session and Two Arch Deluxe Tray Whitening!
  • Regularly a $950 value.

  • The ultimate whitening package.

In-Office Whitening White in One Hour

  • One Hour In-Office Whitening!

  • Convenient, fast, and easy.

  • Regularly a $500 value.

Home Tray Whitening Excellent Home System

  • TWO Deluxe Tray Whitening!

  • The gold standard of home whitening.

  • You get two custom-made trays plus booster gel kit, regularly a $450 value.

  • Booster gel for additional whitening is $7 for one tube and $12 for two tubes. Purchase three or more tubes for $5 each.

$69 exam and x-ray for new patients.